Guest Chef Zarela Martinez with Music by Leti Garza

September 17, 2018 at 7PM-10PM
Photo by Laurie Smith from

Written By Joleen Jernigan, The Austinot.

"Imagine an elegant date night with tasty cocktails, a special chef-made dinner, and live music. But wait: it gets better! Now imagine that same date night, but without having to do any planning. Sterling Supper Club plans and carries out this elegant night out among like-minded, mature people.

Inspired by the dinner clubs launched during the Prohibition Era, Sterling Supper Club provides members a curated evening centered around a theme. The themes often focus on a visiting chef and international cuisine. The drink menu, carefully created for each event by A.K.A Mixology’s Alicia Kim, and the live music complement the meal nicely.

The evening ended on a high note, as the tres leches cake came out with a side of pistachio horchata. My mouth is watering a little remembering it! So decadent and delicious. Then we were treated to Leti Garza’s beautiful singing. Wow! My friend called her performance “second dessert.” She captivated us not only with her traditional Spanish songs of love and heartbreak, but also with her wonderful storytelling. If you have the chance to see Garza sing, do it! I am a fan.

Sterling Supper Club has many events planned, and they are being so interesting and unique with their prograOne special drink of the night was Kim’s modern spin on a classic Veracruz cocktail, El Toro. Kim’s version, El Torito, switched out the heavier peanut butter ingredient for a peanut oil wash on the glass, rum, two types of milk, and vanilla. It was a fun spin on a traditional drink. Sterling Supper Club also had a full bar and cocktail menu to choose from.

I was fortunate enough to attend the first official Sterling Supper Club dinner. The night’s theme was Veracruz, complete with recipes by James Beard nominee, restaurateur, and author, Zarela Martinez. Veracruzana cuisine has a lot of subtle flavors influenced by the sea, as Veracruz lies on Mexico’s Gulf Coast. While Chef Martinez fell ill and was not there in person, she communicated closely with Chef Rios to ensure he executed her recipes well. Chef Rios came out and described each recipe and why it mattered to Chef Martinez, sharing the ingredients and what he liked about each dish.

Hosts greeted each guest by pouring them a chilled glass of Mumm Champagne, a perfect way to start any classy evening. The venue, Sterling Events Center, is modern but elegant, with twinkly lights on the spacious patio out front, hand blown glass calla lily chandeliers, and dreamy lighting in muted, flattering lighting in pink, blue, and purple tones. Trust me, everyone’s skin looks perfect under these lights! The hosts then pointed guests to the bar, to warm up for the evening with a cocktail and appetizers.

Speaking of the food, let’s begin with these appetizers: roasted jalapeños stuffed with tender crab cake and an adobo marinated octopus dish that surprised me. It was the most tender octopus I’ve ever tasted, a feat I was not sure was possible. Very nice! After a decent time in the bar to mingle and snack, we moved to the dining area and took our seats. The seating is open, so we sat near the stage in anticipation of music by Leti Garza.


One of the tastiest dishes of the night came next, the Cóctel de Camarón with Salsa Mâche. The shrimp was perfectly cooked. This salsa was a true discovery for me. I wanted to take a jar home and put it on everything I ate. Red Snapper Veracruz was the main course, accompanied by arroz con crema and salsa de piña. The Veracruz topping is made with olives, tomatoes, garlic, capers, and mild peppers, a nice complement to the Red Snapper’s flavors. Chef Martinez is known for her arroz con crema, a tasty little side dish.

mming. This new supper club is one to keep an eye on! I’m interested to see how they evolve."